Each room and living space we designed with you, the guest in mind. We offer modern furniture and amenities, so that your stay is full of relaxation and pleasant unforgettable memories.

Take advantage of all our amenities and services.

There is a private swimming pool with a great view from it from the balcony. We offer a Bistro on-site so you can get light eats for your family and friends. Our wide range of homemade ice cream is right at your fingertips with a short walk over to our Ice Cream Cafe.

Swimming Pool

The private swimming pool is warm with crystal-clear water, so take advantage of it!

Our Ice Cream Cafe

Our guests are able to treat themselves to our delicious homemade ice cream.

Our Bistro

We serve delicious food such as our gourmet burger made with only fresh ingredients.

Full Kitchen

With a full-sized kitchen with all the necessities, you’ll have a place to prepare your food.

Specials & Services

After booking the guesthouse, our property manager gets in touch with you and arranges any of the services listed.
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